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Compilation of the annual balance sheet

Use the informative function of the annual balance sheet!

The compilation of annual balance sheet is to be carried out according to commercial law and according to tax law regulations. Due to the taxaggravating legislation tax law and commercial law diverge and force to the production of a commercial balance sheet and a differing tax balance sheet.

Balancing increases to be an optimization decision between the desire to demonstrate on the one hand economic strength and to reduce on the other hand the tax burden by low profits.
We support you with this challenge with intuitive feeling and on your desire for discussions with your house bank we are galdly at your disposal. Thereby our mandators profit from our long developed reputation.

 We provide your end-of-year procedures, income surplus calculations as well as your tax declarations, independently of it whether record keeping was provided by us or of you.

 end-of-year procedures

  • Opening balances
  • End-of-year procedures according to HGB appropriate to legal form and size-specific requirements (balance, profit and loss calculations, appendix and statement of affairs)
  • -tax declarations
  • Production of the asset accounting including development of the fixed assets 
  • Trial balances
  • Separating and auxiliary balances
  • End-of-year procedures and income surplus calculations (§ 4 exp. 3 EStG)

publication of the financial statements

incorporated companies and GmbH & CO. KG' s without natural person as a personally responsible partner must reveal their end-of-year procedures within a year after the conclusion deadline with the electronic federal gazette. .
Otherwise substantial penalties of up to 25.000 € are threatend. We gladly carry out the publication of the annual balance sheet for you. We ensure that the legal minimum data are published. Thus you avoid that important information about your enterprise are not revealed.


Jörg Reimer
Steuerberatungs GmbH
Heißbergstrasse 20
52066 Aachen

Telefon: +49 241 16057-0
Telefax: +49 241 16057-50