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Take advantage of every ten years allowances

"What is the meaning of life, no one really knows. Anyway, it makes little sense, being the richest man on the cemetery!" (Peter Alexander Ustinov)

Inheritance tax advice - so it goes on regulated.

Even inheriting has to be learned. Anyone who has been part of an inheritance knows that the state earns always. So in addition to the civil law and the design of an inheritance tax has an important role. With our help you find appropriate measures to ensure that in case of the succession the significant part of your wealth is saved from tax.

We offer:

  • design of the last wills and inheritance contracts optimized concerning questions of tax
  • Succession planning for personal assets
  • anticipated inheritance and donations
  • execution of the will and the partition of an estate exempt

The amounts of inheritance tax (capital transfer tax) can be used every ten years. 
A multiple taxation of wealth can be avoided by optimizing the transfer of the assets or can be reduced (tax saving models). The legislative authority increasingly curtailing the existing advantages in capital transfers.
Further amendments of the inheritance tax law are to be applied. As a result there is an increased demand for advice. We are available to reach a helping hand.

Allowances at a glance:

Erbe in Euro alt in Euro neu
I Ehegatte 307.000 500.000
  Kind, Stiefkind, Enkel (wenn Eltern verstorben) 205.000 400.000
  Enkel 51.200 200.000
  Eltern und Großeltern (bei Erbschaft) 51.200 100.000
II Eltern und Großeltern (bei Schenkung), Geschwister, Nichte/Neffe, geschiedener Ehegatte, Stiefeltern, Schwiegereltern/-kinder 10.300 20.000
III Sonstige 5.200 20.000


Jörg Reimer
Steuerberatungs GmbH
Heißbergstrasse 20
52066 Aachen

Telefon: +49 241 16057-0
Telefax: +49 241 16057-50