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conveyance means

Our outstanding bank contacts can be also at your disposal!

founder before establishment

Existence founders usually don’t have money. But with debts and completely without substance you should not create an enterprise!
A precondition for each establishment should be a Businessplan with a financing concept. Each founder should be able to provide a businessplan for its future enterprise. With the financing concept we can help gladly.

With the KfW starting money establishments up to 50.000 € are promoted.

Existence founder up to 3 years after the establishment

A lack in establishment financing and/or a changed economic situation lead to a higher capital requirement.

But your house bank is not yet convinced of Your economic success and sees fewer chances and but however many more risks for your enterprise. What can you do?

With our economy and financing concept which we provide and all measures designed and converted successfully in business practice, in the majority of cases we also convince your house bank.

“KMUs”, small and medium-size enterprises in period of growth

Each enterprise has its heights and depths. Particularly by the financial crisis special situations developed. But the Federal Government made corresponding conveyance available not only with the financial screen for banks, but also with the KfW special program 2009 for KMUs.

Reasons, why your house bank reacts reservedly to conveyances:

Banks and savings banks are aligned to maximization of profit like each enterprise. Therefore first their own means are offered with higher interest rates. The economic use is often the center of attention.

On the other hand are are over thousand conveyances and subsidies of European Union, federation and countries. If your bank advisor is not specialized on it, he does not know the important programs.

The three most important advantages, which conveyances do offer:

1. Low interest rates 
2. Stabilization of the collateral
3. Improvement of credit rating

Our services

1. economic efficiency – and  
2. Financing concept

The concept for the improvement of economic efficiency has two objectives:

1. To enable the financing of the conveyances 
2. To improve economy and thus the profit

More profit solves the problems of 90% of all enterprises, and we are specialized on that for years.

In the financing concept we select the financing and conveyance programs which are suitable for your enterprise, for which you fulfill the conditions and which can be requested.

Our success ratio is with over 95%. Even if your house banks already has " waved aside", with our strategy – an economic efficiency- and financing concept - successes could be obtained.

The 5% with those the promises did not take place, were to be already foreseen. But the enterprises could improve their economic situation nevertheless by our economy concept.


Jörg Reimer
Steuerberatungs GmbH
Heißbergstrasse 20
52066 Aachen

Telefon: +49 241 16057-0
Telefax: +49 241 16057-50